Saturday, November 7, 2009

Posting #100 & BlogCandy!

Wow! Smiley from --------CLOSED-------

Ikke bare er dette innlegg #100., men jeg har også hatt over tolv tusen hits på siden! Så nå er det tid for en bloggcandy igjen!
Det du må gjøre er: Skrive om candyen min i bloggen din og linke tilbake hit fra den, og kommentere under så jeg vet at du har gjort det ~ så er du med i trekningen! Stenger Søndag 15.Nov. klokka 21.00 :)

This is my 100th posting, so I'm celebrating with some candy! Also I'm going to a fair next weekend (see last posting), so I'm a little exited about that! This is a thanks for all the nice comments on my blog, to all my followers, and to all you bloggers out there who's lurking on my blog from time to time ~ I see you! There's been more than 12.000 hits - how cool is that! :)

This candy is open to all who has a blog (I will ship anywhere) and it will close after I get home from the fair, on Sunday 15th of November ~ 09:00PM my time (See clock on the sidebar). And
I'll draw randomly.
I only ask that you post about my candy on your blog ~ or in your candy-sidebar, with a link back to here ~ and leave a comment below. You are free to follow my blog too - but only if you wish :)

The Candy: Unmounted SugarNellies & some embellies on top ~ and I will also put in 10 secret sweet stamp-motifs(prints) as well! :) PS: the 2 text stamps say 'so sweet so sweet' & 'made with love'. The three image stamps can be found here at Funkykits: Peek a Bunny. Maggie with Stick & Accesories! & Nellie with Puppy.


  1. Hi Hilde, thanks for another fabby candy, I've put a link to it on my sidebar.

    All the best

    Jan xx

  2. Gratulerer med både 100 treff og 12 000 besøkende. Har lagt link til siden din i min venstre sidebar og hjelper således til med å spre ordet. :D

    Ha en fin søndag.

  3. Wow, awesome candy!!!
    I have added your link on my blog
    in the sidebar. Thanks for the chance to win!!!
    Hugs, Andreja

  4. Hi!

    What amazing blog candy.

    I posted about it in my blog and added it to my sidebar. You can check it out here:

  5. Hello! Congratulations to you! What's a candy! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy".
    Thanks for a chance to win!


  6. Link sidebar
    Thank you for the chance. Good luck!

  7. YUMMY candy, I'll be happy to put this in my sidebar Here . Congrats on the number of postings!

  8. Great Blog Candy! I posted it in the sidebar of my blog.

  9. What fantastic candy! I've added a link to your giveaway on the side bar of my blog. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  10. Hi! Congratulations! What a great candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I linked it on the sidebar of my blog.

    Best wishes!

  11. This is a FABULOUS offering! Thank you so much, I have posted it on my sidebar.

  12. Congratulations on your 100th post!!!
    Your blog candy is super. Thank you for a chance to win. I linked you in my side bar.

    I hope your beautiful cards sold well at the craft fair. I love your style and creativity.

  13. thanks for the sweet candy!


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