Monday, November 2, 2009

In memory of my dad :)

My dad died last month, after beeing sick for some weeks, and it's been a sad time for all in the family. Because of the altzheimers, he didn't reckognize us anymore - not even knowing who he himself was or where he was, but he knew us as someone who cared for him and that he was surrounded by warmth all the time, up until the end. The pages above is from the front and back of the pamphlet for the funeral, with psalms inside. It's much more personal to make it oneself rather than having the funeral-bureau do it, - Like with the front and the berries he always used to fill up the freezer with in the early days.. And the back with the mountains and scenery as of Lofoten where he grew up. And I wrote a poem in memory of him, in wich I mention that we will remember him as he once was - before he got ill and forgot most things, - when he was as strong as the mountaingoat, a real 'king of the forest'.. And that he now is as 'free as the birds' from one of his favourite songs, but that we'll always miss him... ♥

PS: The pamphlet was created in word and paint, and the backgrounds is from different sets of gorgeous recycled letterpaper made by the company Hippopotamus.

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