Monday, November 2, 2009

Riley the moose cards

Jeg kommer til å legge ut flere kort over de neste ukene som jeg har laget for en tid siden, men ikke har fått tid til å blogge :) Her er et par kort laget med litt til-overs-papir-biter, med motiv fra Hanna Stamps - en herlig liten elg som heter Riley!I haven't had much time to go online during the last months, but i've been crafting some - so there will be lots of cards popping up on my blog from now on :)

Here is another Riley card - he's a cute little character isn't he? The shop u can get him at is Hanna Stamps! I've gotten tons of new stamps, and i can't wait to try them all out, now that I have lots of time to play :)

Stamps/Image: Hanna Stamps - Riley the moose - Coffee riley. Text stamp from Kreativ Hobby.
Paper: Leftover scrap-papers, Basic grey & Sassafraslass, and cardstock.
Embellishments: My Minds Eye - Tres Jolie - Ooh la la 'Sunshine' french borders (flowers sticker). I've colored the stamp-motifs with LePlume pens this time.

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