Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Blog Candy!!!

This Candy is now closed!
WhooHoo!!! My birthday is coming up soon - on April 5th!
So I've got some yummy candy to give away to one lucky person :) Spring is in the air! Colorful ribbons, gorgeous journaling papers, baby ribbon sliders, some stamped motifs, and best of all - a sweet SugarNellie rubberstamp, unmounted & brand new - Manga Kids!!!

In order to participate in this candy you must:
#1. Have a blog and post about this candy on your blog or sidebar. Feel free to snatch the pic!
#2. Leave only ONE comment on this post, with your blogs address!
#3. Optional - if you become a follower, you will get thrown in the hat twice!
The candy ends on April 5th. at 9:00PM - 21:00 my time (clock in the sidebar). And I will ship worldwide! :)


  1. Hi Hilda - owww - I am first - wahoo! Thanks for the opportunity to play for this Candy - happy Birthday to you! I am now a follower and have linked you to my Blog:
    and would love you to visit sometime!! Thanks again for the YUMBLY Csndy - I am going to enjoy folllowing along with you! {{{hugs}}}

  2. I'm sorry, Hilda, but I don't have a blog. I am in a local stamping/scrapping group and I always let them know about blog candy. You have a great blog so I'm going to sign up as a follower. I sure hope I am allowed to have at least one entry to your blog candy. Thanks bunches...have a wonderful, happy, happy birthday.

    Gayle Taylor

  3. Happy Birthday to you!
    My birthday is on April 7th, it's coming fast!
    I added your candy to my sidebar and I am a follower.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win this sweet candy!

  4. Hi Hilde!
    Wishing you a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!! May all your wishes come true! I've linked to you my sidebar and i'm a follower too!


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  6. Hei! Kjempefin candy! Jeg vil gjerne være med i trekningen, og har lagt den til i sidebaren på bloggen min samt blitt følger :)


  7. Gratulerer med dagen. Vi gjerne være med i trekningen din. Legger meg til som følger og har også lagt et innlegg i sidebaren min.
    Her er bloggen min.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hilde!! I hope you have a wonderful day!My dad used to have his birthday on the 5th of april also,but he died 20 years ago,he would have been 82 today.So the 5th is a special day to me also. Thank you for joining my candy and vising my blog.
    Thanks for offering this lovely blogcandy and the chance to win this!
    I've put a link on my blog: Stempelientje and keep my fingers crossed!
    Greetings from Stempelientje.

  9. Hi Hilde
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Thanks for this lovely candy and the chance to win this!
    Hugs Moni

  10. Hi ,
    I didn't enter because I won last year. Gratulerer med dagen fra Michigan.

  11. Gratulerer med dagen!!! Håper du har hatt en strålende dag :)
    Jeg vil veldig gjerne være med på trekningen; jeg har nå lagt meg til som følger og så har jeg skrevet om denne trekningen i bloggen min.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Gratulerer så masse med dagen :)
    Håper du har hatt en veldig flott dag, og fått masse fint :)
    Veldig fin blogg du har, og blogcandy :) Denne vil jeg gjerne være med på å vinne :)
    Jeg er følger av bloggen din, og har ett innlegg om bloggcandyen din i sidebar'en min :)

    Ha en flott kveld :)

    Mange bursdagsklemmer fra Kristine


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