Sunday, June 28, 2020

Gorjuss ~ Mini Summer BlogCandy!

Did someone say there was another blogcandy this weekend? ... oh yes that was me! Here it is ~ just a mini RAK this time, to celebrate my Blogaversary wich is just around the corner 🎈 😊 🎉

Have a wonderful Summer 😎
Stay safe, bee happy, enjoy crafting!

The contents of this mini blogcandy:

💠 Gorjuss clear stamp set from Santoro 'Hang me up to dry'.
PS: this was a duplicate I had ~ and I am sure I have stamped with one of them, but either this is brand new, or I have cleaned it so well I cannot tell wich one is new or used! So what I'm saying is that it might be used, but its not noticeable ;)
💠 two ribbons ~ one dotted and one with gorjuss girls on!
💠 Gorjuss deco sheets 'night light'.
💠 ... and a cute tag/bookmark I made a few years ago ~ Bee Happy
I have a box full of tags that I really need to pass on, so all blogcandies will get one from now on!

This BlogCandy is open to all you wonderful crafty people who stop by my blog ~ I will ship worldwide ~ and while I would appreciate it if you were a follower of my blog, it's not necessary to win ♥ But please ~ ONE entry each & NO Non-crafters or Candy only bloggers, that would not be fair!

The only thing I ask of you is that you spread the word by mentioning this candy with a link to my blog, feel free to use the blogcandy photo, (or the small one in my sidebar) either on your own blog (sidebar is fine) or other, like a pin, instagram, facebook, twitter etc.

And here is a BONUS chance to win: When there is 10, 20 and 30+ entries ~ I will pick up to three more winners who will get a freebie digistamp (of their choice) from my etsy shoppe! So get the word out 😊


The candy will end on July 30th. at 23:55/11:55 PM.
norwegian time ~ see my sidebar clock.
♥ 🎈 Good Luck! 🎈 ♥


  1. Happy Blogiversary, Hilde! Thank you for another generous candy! I just won your recent candy so I will not enter, but I just wanted to say congratulations and wish you many more years of fun blogging!

  2. Congratulations on your Blogaversary!!

  3. Congrats on your upcoming Blogaversary!

  4. Happy Blogaversary!!! Love Gorjuss girls, so thanks for the chance to win this lovely prize!! The bookmark tag is so cute too!
    I put your pick in my sidebar

  5. Happy coming Blogaversary!!!Love your beautiful candy. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Stay safe! Hugs

  6. Congrats on your upcoming Blogaversary Hilde!
    Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful Candy.
    I shared the pic on my sidebar.
    Stay well and safe.
    Hugs, Valerija

  7. Congrats on your upcoming Blogaversary !
    thanks for chance!

  8. Looking forward to your blogaversary, and to many more years of creative fun! Added your candy to my side bar.

  9. What a great way to celebrate your blogaversary, Tindaloo! Thank you so much for the chance to win. Kisses from Greece, my friend.

    1. And forgot to tell you how much I love your zentangle digis!!! You are such a talented lady!

  10. Congrats to your blog anniversary! Always love to read your posts!
    Hugs from Germany!

  11. Happy Blogaversary!
    Wow, I love Gorjuss girls, so thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing prize!
    The bookmark is super cute.
    I put your picture in my sidebar
    Stay well and safe.
    hugs xx


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