Friday, January 20, 2017

Favorite CF make of 2016!

AMB Illustrations er vår nye sponsor hos Creative Fingers for utfordring #123., og noen av design teamet har brukt motiver derfra. Resten av oss viser frem favoritt prosjekter fra 2016. Har veldig mange favoritter, men denne art journal siden er jeg er veldig stolt av ♥
 Den søte lille bok-alven er fra Star Stampz og du kan finne mere info om produkter og sånt i den orginale bloggposten her.
Som alltid er det 'Anything Goes', som betyr 'Lag-hva-du-vil' på vår utfordringsblogg, og du er hjertelig velkommen til å delta ♥ 

Vi har også trekt våre tre vinnere av Creative Fingers Christmas Blogcandy ~ og den som vant min overraskelses pakke er Damjana ♥ Gratulerer!

AMB Illustrations is our new sponsor at Creative Fingers for challenge #123., and some of the DT's have used motifs from there. The rest of us is showing you our favourite projects from 2016. There are so many I could name my fave, but this art journal spread is one I'm very proud of ♥

The main image is the book fairy from Star Stampz and as always it is an 'Anything goes' theme. You are more than welcome to join with your creations!
More information on the products used is on my original blog post here :) 

We've also drawn our three Creative Fingers Christmas BlogCandy ~ Winners! And Damjana was the lucky winner of my surprise candy. Andrea Bastelmaus and Glennis F NZ got Angeliques awesome stamp sets :) 
A big congrats to all of you! ♥

I have created a color swatch chart for my distress inks and various ink sprays into a .pdf file of my scanned chart. 
(It's a blank one I had drawn in approx. A5 size with all the names only. The first ten pages has the distress ink names on it, the next pages are some of my other inks, so when printing, print out pages 1 - 10. Or all pages if you want those too ofcourse!) 
You may use it as your own color referance, if you'd like to have it? It sure made my life easier! I can now find the excact shade of color and match it up to my images when I paint :)

BTW. It may need extending as Tim Holtz is coming out with a new distress ink poduct soon, ink pad with an awesome new effect ~ Oxide ink pads

You can download the .pdf file here ~ freebie for your own private use!
Do not share it ~ instead direct people here, thanks :)


  1. What an amazing journal page!
    I was so thrilled to be chosen as a winner in the prize draw - thank you so much


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