Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BlogCandy: a whole bunch of yummy goodies!

This will stay pinned to the top of my blog until Sept. 27th., 
so scroll on down for new posts!
[EDITED: Blogcandy extented 48hrs.]

As promised a while back, I would have some yummy blogcandy for my followers soon ~ and here it is, finally! Best of luck to everyone!

Contents: Lots n lots of ribbons, stamps, stickers, brads, bling/droplets, foam shapes, flowers & to top it all off, I offer a free choice of one digistamp from my etsy shoppe DigiDoodleStamps by Tindaloo to the lucky winners! I've also included an QK-die and a keepsake trinket in the first candy. SO much goodies here :)

Click on the photos to view the contents better! :)
 There are TWO Blogcandies, with two separate winners!

BlogCandy #1. is for EVERYONE and will be sent WORLDWIDE! Leave your info in the link-up below. (Duplicate entries or fakes will be deleted so the draw is fair)
BlogCandy #2. is a BONUS chance to win for the Nordic countries only: Du må legge igjen en kommentar for å vinne denne, skriv for eksempel 'Jatakk begge deler!' ;) 

So it is simples really! Open to ALL my fellow crafters (you don't need to have a blog, just leave you fb-adress or other web-address you frequent). I would sure appreciate it if you were a follower of my blog, but it's not necessary to win though ;)

I'd also be very happy (but it's no obligation) if you spread the word by mentioning this candy with a link and/or photo of it, either on your own blog (sidebar is fine) or other, like a pin, instagram, facebook, twitter etc. But please ~ NO Candy only bloggers ~ Then enter your info in the inlinkz below! (your email will only be visible to me).

EDITED: Blogcandy has been extented 48hrs. from the original date ~ My bad, I shared the wrong time several places and to make it all fair and square, I've added two days to the timer :)
BlogCandy #3. Because of this delay I will pick THREE bonus winners of one digistamp as well! (both inlinks entries and commentary entries are eligeble to win, three different random picks though).

The blogcandies will now end on September 27th. at 23:55/11:55 PM.
That's norwegian time ~ see my sidebar clock.


  1. Thank you for the chance hugs Nikki

  2. Wow! So much goodiness! Thanks for the chance to win your amazing and generous candy!

  3. Ja takk, begge deler. :)

    Super candy og så masse lekkert!

  4. Wow, thank you for the chance to win your amazing candy.
    I have my fingers crossed :)
    Hugs, Valerija

  5. wow så mye fint! tusen takk for besøket i bloggen min og så kjekt å kunne bli med på blogg candyen din :)
    så sier jeg JA TAKK BEGGE DELER :)
    har delt på fb og twitter. krysser fingrene! ha en fin kveld.

    ps: du er hjertelig velkommen til å bli med på våres første utfordring hos Scrap from your heart. http://scrapfromyourheart.blogspot.no/

  6. Ja takk, begge deler :)

    Tusen takk for muligheten til å bli med :)

  7. Just found your blog and I love schrolling down to see your creations.I am a new follower.
    Thanks for the chance to win. I live in The Netherlands.
    I hope you have a little time to visit my blog too.

  8. Thanks for a chance to win such a great candy!

  9. thank you for the chance!
    i post it on my sidebar!

  10. HEY! Thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing candy! I'm an old follower! I've added the pic to my sidebar! Cheers and lots of wishes from India! :)

  11. Hi Hilde! Thanks for the opportunity to win your awesome candy once again. Just remembered I've not yet coloured your digi image.

  12. Jatakk, begge deler :) Takk for muligheten til å vinne denne flotte candyen! Nå skal jeg legge bilde i sidebaren min, og så ta meg en liten kikk i bloggen din.

  13. Beautiful candy full of lovely sunshine...adding to my blog and thanks for the chance.xx

  14. Ja takk, begge deler!
    Tack så mycket! ❤️

  15. *dån* so fin bloggCandy :)
    JaTakk begge deler! ;) ♥
    Eg delte den på facebook.

  16. Jatakk,begge deler :-)
    Så mye lekkert !
    Deler i bloggen min

  17. Ja takk begge deler.
    Takk for sjansen til å vinne :)

  18. thank you for the chance to win these great goodies.
    hugs xx


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