Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keep calm.. and Don't BLINK!

Bloggen min har nå ligget her på webben og samlet imaginært spindelvev i over ett år ~ og uten å gå i detaljer så har energien som var vekk kommet tilbake i det siste, og jeg synes tiden er inne for å åpne den opp igjen! Jeg kommer til å ha en RAK om ikke så alltfor lenge for å feire en ny giv ~ og som takk til alle som fremdeles følger med på bloggen min! ♥

Yes, it's true ~ I'm back! :)

And no, much as I wish, I haven't been whisked away by a mad man in a blue box all this time, but wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff did happen, and without oversharing ~ I haven't had the energy to keep the blog up and running. But that doesn't mean I've boxed up my creative urges! Now and then I've been scrappin' and making cards, and I've taken pics of it all, so it will show up in my blog anyday now, as well as new creations! :)
But I must not forget to thank you all for sticking by the blog, all of my followers and stalkers ~ I will be having a sweet blogcandy this month, to say thanks & celebrate me coming out of hibernation ♥

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