Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally.. here I am again! :)

*Brushing off the dust* ... *lol* :)
WOW - has it really been such a long time since my last blogpost?! It didn't feel that long! I moved to a new apartment in november, actually the entire move took up most of october, november and december - and now we're well into the new year, and still not done getting a whole lifes accumulated stuff in it's place - or throwed away.. wich is the hard part!
I've always had a collectors heart - never throwing memorabilias away, so my new attic has been filled up - my brothers joking that I need a pillar in the livingroom so I won't get the contents of the attic in my head one day...

The christmas holidays came and I had a wonderful visit from one of my oldest best friends Annette - a jolly good time with a Dr.Who marathon .. and tons of good food - so now it's back to dieting - again! ;)
My cherished tomcat Tamlin had to be put to sleep, he was sick & it broke my heart, he's been my companion for 14 years so he will be missed! I get all choked up just writing about it.. ♥

And I STILL haven't gotten my scraproom in order.. I got hooked up with internet around newyears, but haven't felt like blogging since I haven't been scrappin' anything new - wich is difficult to do when I haven't a clue to where anything is, all boxed up and stowed away...

Looking forward till springtime - then my scraproom will get all my attention! It's outdoors kindof, a storage shed 2x2 meters big, and connected to the house. But it's gotten new panels on the walls and roof, and laminated floortiles(?). And when my youngest brother Kevin - the electrician in the family finally has the time, he'll fix it up with lightfixtures and electricity in there. Then the fun can begin! Decorating and creating the perfect scraproom :)

Until then though I have been able to dig up my vintage ink pads and aquarelle paints, and a bunch of stamped motifs - so I am painting until I can get scrappin' again! BUT - in the meantime, I think I have some stuff to give away soonish - my birthday is coming up, and to say sorry for neglecting my bloggerfriends for so long - I'll be having a blogcandy! Sounds good? :)

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  1. thanks for sharing!

    hey, I have a giveaway here, please come join in the fun!


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