Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet Friendship!

StampArtic sin høstutfordring er å 'göra kort innehållande svamp, bär och/eller frukt' ... *pust* Ferdig sånn helt i siste liten, teite pc som slår seg vrang i utide! :)
The nordic challenge blog StampArtic's theme is to 'make cards containing mushrooms, berries and/or fruit'.

Stamps: Whiff of Joy - Willow in the summer breeze. Cornish Heritage Stamps - Tall toadstools. Magnolia - Fairytale - Mini Tilda, & Tildas bi. Norsk Stempelblad - Ett Trykk - Clearstamps tekst07
Bazzill Cardstock & DP from Websters Pages - Petite combo paper pack 6x6 'Postcards from Paris & Sweet as Cherry pie'.

Update: How lucky am I ?!! I actually was picked on StampArtic as one of the three winners of some lovely stamps from Sweetish sister!


  1. Så bra du rakk det!!
    Herlig kort, nydelig design og lek med stempler!!
    Takk for at du deltar!


  2. What a delightful and magical card :)


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