Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Extra cute - Fairytale box!

Det var en gang... en proteinpulver box! That's just so cute bloggen kjører en ekstra utfordring - Extra Cute 9 - Eventyr! Midt i blinken for meg... Dro frem noen av mine favorittark og dobbelsidig tape - litt maling, og vips så var den støgge protein-pulver-boksen verdig ei prinsesse! ;) Boksen trenger ikkeno mere stæsj & bling - papiret glitrer og er vakkert nok i seg selv! ♥
The norwegian challenge blog That's just so cute has an extra challenge right now wich is Fairytales! I've altered an protein powder box, and created a box for a princess... or maybe for myself? ;)

Papers & Materials Used: DCWV (Die Cuts With a View) 'Once upon a time' paperstack: Far Far Away glitter cardstock, Once Upon a time gltr, and Fairy Dust gltr. cardstock. Cats Eye chalk ink 'dark brown'. Sandpapers & strong double-sided tape. Li'l Davis Designs - Scrapbook shades acrylic paint 'Merlot'.

1 comment:

  1. kjempe flott, og de arkene er virkelig lekre=)

    takk for ditt bidrag=)


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