Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scrappy treasure!!!

In the last month or so, I've been in scrapping-heaven! Since it was my birthday, I finally got myself (from the scor-pal tool I've craved for the last couple of years... It's AWESOME!! There are so many projects to do.. I can't wait till I have an up & runnin' scraproom again. For now it is too cold to do much in my basement scrap room - since the electric bills went through the roof, so I invaded my mums diningroom with some of my things.. *lol*
I also got myself the latest Tim Holtz distress inks, so now I have a full collection yet again! ♥ Absolutely gorgeous colors!

I've bought 9 of my missing ElfQuest albums (the old norwegian edititions) from a second hand bookstore in Trondheim, Wangsmo's Antikvariat, and I've enjoyed so much to read them again. I LOVE theese elfs, so facinating and beautifully drawn. Wish I could have them as rubberstamps as well - now that's an excellent idea!!! Wonder if I shall ask the Pini's? Visit the elfs at You can even read the comic books online!

I was drawn a lucky winner march the 30th. on the That's just so cute challenge #7., and I got the prettiest metal embellies ever in the mail a week ago, from KortHobby!

And then I got an incredible RAK from Trish aka. Stampi from Scrappin till the cows come home - check out her blog, she's very talented & so kind ♥ Just look at the sweet card & yummy goodness she sent me! She's in for a stamping good treat from me too, if the ash-cloud from Iceland settles and the planes are in the air again! We haven't had any mail for days now, only the newspaper - and that's no fun...
EDIT: Yahoooo!!! I've just won this GORGEOUS
Sweet Pea 'Soft Goth Night' stamp on Debbies Passion For Craft Blog! [Received 28th of April - thanks!]

I'm still waiting on some yummy treats: I'm getting a set of beautiful 'Ornate distressed corner brushes' by Asmaa, in the giveaway drawn on march 31st. from AI Factory. Check out their shop for awesome digi-stamps! Hope I get theese soon so I can join in the fun on the AIF challengeblog :)
I got picked on March 15th. as one of the Hero Arts Secret Goodiebag Candy winners on Sir Stampalot's challenge blog! I'm so exited to see what's in my bag!!!
And I'm also getting All night Media Stamps from DT Sarah at Stamptacular because I won on challenge #48 on march 7th. So fun to have something nice to look forward to in the mail instead of yucky bills.. :)

Edit 23/4: Yess! All night Media stamps received! :)
Edit 3rd. of June: AiFactory brushes set received! -> it was apparently sent the first time around to my email, but bounced! And here I thought they forgot about me!
This I've thought of Hero Arts also - wich I been waiting for and waiting for... I wrote and got the answer that it was sent out, but lost in the mail then :( .. So they'll send me something else! Jippi! :)
Edit 18th. of June: Hero Arts stamps received!!! Yippi - awesome!!!

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  1. Oh wow, you should buy a lottery ticket! Luck seems to be on your side!


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