Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Thailand vacation!

What a beautiful country Thailand is! And the people there are so very kind and generous :) We stayed at the house my brother has in Hua Hin, and we had a wonderful time - the heat was a little too much, but next time we go we'll choose a better time of the year! Up to +36 degrees celsius was WAY more than I am used to.. *lol* Here at home we have a cool -13 celsius... A real shock to the system when we went home! :)

My mum at the night-market. My niece in the neighbours swimmingpool. And my brothers house.

View of Hua Hin from Khao Takiap - the 'monkey-mountain'. We got to feed the monkeys! And a pic of me in the rainforest, on a trip to Pa La-U waterfalls.
Warm greetings to our new friends we've met on the trip! Kurt & Monica from Sweden, and Lorna from Scotland :)
Please send me an email Lorna - I've misplaced your email addy somehow! Hugs from Hilde & Vigdis.

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