Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tv-series, T-shirts & Pretty boxes!

I julegave til meg selv bestillte jeg gaven over alle gaver.. Buffy og Roswell - helt komplett serie dvd boxer! :) Og de kom rett på døren for en uke siden fra! Har allerede komplett Farscape, X-files, Charmed og Angel, og nå skal jeg bare fylle på med noen til av Futurama, så har jeg (nesten) alle mine favoritt serier! Dr. Who og Torchwood står også høyt lista over serier jeg kommer til å skaffe meg etterhvert.. med flere! *hehe*
(PS: ikke kjøpt alt på amazon - noe på CdOn og
Tror jeg traff blink med de fleste julegavene iallefall, som en guitar hero t-skjorte til lillebror som er hekta på det. Har kjøpt mange t-skjorter på til andre i gave

<- og til meg selv også (bilde) - kjempetips til dem som også liker gratis porto! Bare husk å handle for under 200kr for å slippe toll ;) - Oppdatert valuta + kalkulator på!

Men for de små julegavene så er en pen eske man har scrappet selv bedre å få enn ett julekort! Og mye billigere ;) Her er noen av eskene jeg har laget. Har ingen mal, bare prøver meg frem. Så ofte ender jeg opp med lokk eller bunner som ikke passer (blir for løse), men da lager jeg bare enda flere *hehe*

As a xmas present for myself I got the whole series of Buffy and Roswell DVD's! They arrived a week ago on the door, straight from, so since then it's been a Buffy marathon *lol* I love sci-fi, fantasy & horror tv-series. Can't get enough! It's the theme for me in books and movies to ofcourse, and I'm a Twi-fan as everyone else, except not as obsessed as many.. ;) Angel is and will always be my first choice of vamp :) I already have the whole Angel series on dvd, as well as many other faves like: Farscape, Charmed, X-files and more. Right now I'm collecting on Futurama - funniest cartoon show ever!!! And next on the list to get is Dr.Who & Torchwood!
Last year I didn't only get cool xmas pressies for myself, is a great source for great gifts - just LOVE their T-shirts, as you can see on the top pic, that's all mine!

For the smaller presents a nice box to give them away in is a nice touch - and you can even just give the box it self, wich is a real cheap but appreciated gift! Theese are some I've made, without a template - just trial and error.. Wich I had a lot of! Did get many box tops and bottoms that didn't fit eachother, but I just made some more, and lucked out! But there are many templates to find online I'm sure, I just wanted to try and make my own:) Sometime in the near future I'm gonna get myself a scor-pal, and then I'll make tons of boxes real easy!

They're real cool to make, and to give away instead of a card - just put a sentiment on the inside, or if the box is for someone else to give away, I add a note they can write on with tape on the back so they can attatch inside. It would be extremely difficult to write inside the lid ;)

Main Stamps/Images: Cornish Heritage Stamp by Kim Hughes "Owen the Owl". Pixie digital stamp from Charmed Cards & Crafts. The stamp from Motivet is "Doraline med nyckelpiga (Doraline w. ladybug)", and "In a nutshell" from Penny Black.
Misc Text stamps used: Aud design 5b, Kort & Godt, Kreativ Hobby, Norsk Stempelblad - Ett Trykk.
Papers used: Bazzill, Core'Dinations, Misc cardstock & Designer papers - Scenic Route, Panduro, DCWV, Basic Grey, Making Memories Journaling paper.
Embellishments: MM brads, QK & Spellbinders dies, Basic Grey chipboard stickers, Prima, stickers, ribbons & felt.

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