Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time for a change ~ BlogCandy!

This Candy is now Closed!!!
I'll announce the three winners shortly in a new entry :)
...Got a little bored with my blog lately, so I've refreshed my blog header and background - and I'm no digital-wiz, so that took some doing! - U like??
..I used the free version of 'Photofiltre' - a great program wich I'm quite addicted to, my trusty epson scanner, and I would be lost without old 'Paint' in windows as well :)
..And I thought some candy would be nice!!!

The PopQuiz: Guess how long (hours/minutes) it took me to make the background & header, and to get it up & running on the blog??? If many has the same correct answer, there will be random-picking between them (random.org)

If you want you can add me to your candybar or mention my candy on your blog.
You are free to follow my blog too - but only if you want to :) ...I've finally added the follow me-gadget, after some consideration, the blog is already way too packed with gizmos of many kinds *lol*

To celebrate the soon to be 5000 hits on my blog, I will pick one lucky person who will get the candy on this photo!!! :) The two stamps are new & unmounted, and made by Kreativ Hobby in Norway: Trollkids/Trollunger & Knight/Ridder.

And there is even more Candy! I'll pick out two lucky girls (or guys) who each gets a sweet surprise of:
(= permanent stamped images on aquarelle paper - but if you want regular paper instead, I can fix that too)

So just answer me the popquiz, and there are three chances u could win some candy!!!
...The blogcandy's will run until the 9th of August - 9:00PM / 21:00 my time (check the clock on my blog!) And I will ship all over the world :)

PS: The hellokitty-image is only a cute candy-pic, has nothing to do with the blogcandys! What kind of stamp-motifs is a Secret, i only say - they are sweet ;)


  1. Hello from Michigan
    Ooh , for such nice and tasty treats on your blog.
    Congratulations on your 5,000 hits.
    I would guess 5 hours,but it would take me days if I were attempting it!
    It is so pretty and the flowers on the header are great.
    I'm Norwegian American so I guess I should say Tusen Takk for the chance (hope I spelled it right).
    I also signed up to be a follower.This is my new blog.

  2. Wow!! Great job!!
    hmm.. guess how long..... well if it were me it would have taken me 6 or 7 hours (maybe more) since I wouldn't even know where to start... but from looking around your blog (which is fantastic btw) I'm going to say you'd do it with no problems at all... so maybe 2 hours or less???

    Thanks for the chance!!
    Please keep up the great blog!!! Wonderful ideas!!

  3. Hei !
    Har sett på kortene dine , de er kjempe flotte.
    Jeg hålder på med at sette up min/t blog og det tar tid. er ikke helt fornöyd endnu.
    Du må gjerna se på den/t: http://www.imsland.blogspot.com/
    Ha det bra, Jóna

  4. hello from UK, I'm going to take a guess at 3 hours 40 minutes!

    Your blog is lovely & you have some gorgeous creations & I've become a follower.

    all the best

    Jan x

  5. Jeg gjetter du brukte 4 timer og 45 minutter jeg. ;-) Resultatet ble flott da. Takk for muligheten til å vinne en candy og for å tipse om denne på scrapping.no. Da fikk jeg en flott ny blogg å hente inspirasjon fra.

  6. Tipper du brukte 4,5 timer på å få det til! Det ser virkelig lekkert ut! :D

    Supert å bruke rubberstamps til å annonsere litt! ;)

  7. Your blog look is just fabulous. How long...um....um....I'm going to say 8 hours and 45 minutes. Of course it would take me days.
    Thanks for a chance.

  8. Hello Hilde, thanks so much for the chance at this wonderful candy. I am going to guess 2 hours and 10 minutes. No matter how long it took you, it looks great!


  9. Gjetter vilt jeg da, tipper du brukte 1 time og 10 minutter.

    Flott blogcandy og flott blogg! :)

  10. So adorable! I just adore your blog.

  11. Love the Troll Kids stamps! Wish they were sold in the US. Your blog is beautiful as ever.


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