Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do you have music on your blog?

Oh, I do SO wish people would set their musicplayers on their blogs to pause! - it's really annoying to suddenly have a kaos of sounds coming at you from several different sites, and you have no idea where.. I often play music myself when I'm surfing, so you can see it's annoying? Many times, more than not, I close the page as soon as I can, without looking at the page - especially if the musicplayer is nowhere to be seen!

Before I got my new (and much faster) computer, I actually experienced that the internet 'froze up' cause' of too many applications/gadgets on blogs.. no commands working, so I needed to shut down and start up again - now, THAT'S annoying!
So this is a plea - Please set the player to pause if possible! And if not, please remove it for the benefit of the ones who want to see your creations! :)

Lovely Blogcandies:
On a happier note: If you love High Hopes rubbers, Nikki has a great blogcandy on her blog Bunny-Zoes, she's hit 20 thousand visitors! go check it out :)
Also Crissy's Art & Heart blog has super High Hopes candy to give away!

And also Whiff of Joy blog candy up for graps at ScrapBitz, Suzanne's blog - who's a DT for Whiff of Joy, and it says all of the DT's will offer up blogcandies! So go check out the candy :)
She wants to know your favourite movies - and here's my line: MY fave movie though .. wich is OH so many! Lost Boys, Matrix, The Neverending Story, Back to the Future, Mad Max, LOTR, E.T ++ But an alltime fave number one is Dirty Dancing :) The moment when Patrick says "Nobody puts Baby in the corner".. Ooooh! My first crush ;) seen it a hundred+ times *lol*

...An english only blogentry for once, my thoughts were somehow thought in english and not norwegian today, and I'm just banking on people knowing their school-english well enough *lol* ;)

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